Hannah Heilmann


Hannah Heilmann (b. 1978) employs a cross-media and performative approach in her practice and invites you into her artistic engine room where complex and poetic narratives about consumerism intertwine. Heilmann’s interest in the history of fashion and material fetish (including her own) provides a perfect back-drop for all kinds of experiments; for example her painting on wooden attic doors, where coupons are sometimes printed out in long strips, painted matchstick people are conversing, and where knights appear next to flying dresses and boots running off on their own, or within the webshop that Heilmann has created as an artwork in itself – selling works and object for idiosyncratic prices determined by the artist’s feelings and emotional attachments.


Hannah Heilmann is MA in Art History from the University of Copenhagen, and lecturer at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She has performed at The National Gallery, Copenhagen, the National Gallery, Vilius, and at Manifesta 11, Zürich, and has exhibited nationally at ARos, Møstings Hus, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, and internationally at the gallery project space Shoot the Lobster in LA and EKKM in Tallin. She co-founded the artistic projectspace TOVES (2010-2017), and was part of the artists group Ingen Frygt  (2001-2010). She has been premiered by the Danish Arts Foundation, and her works are part of collections at The National Gallery, Kunstmuseum Brandts and Heart - Museum of Contemporary Art.