Mikkel Ørsted


Mikkel Ørsted (b. 1988) combines - through painting, and a transgression of its classic form - colorful pigments and unconventional brushstrokes, with patterned textiles, wooden constructions, and ceramics, in an attempt to take the world apart and reassemble it. Ørsted is fascinated by the forms of nature, the logic of philosophy, patterned textiles, and also looks to the laws of physics in his artistic practice. Ørsted paints as he senses the world – not just through sight, but through an inexhaustible curiosity about the world's structure and logic. Abstract landscapes and fast brushstrokes appear on various planes, side by side with ornaments, decorative systement, and signs that make up Ørsted’s own painting language.  


Mikkel Ørsted is MFA from The Royal Danish Art Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 2020. He has exhibited at Bricks Gallery in Copenhagen (2020) and at CCA Andratx in Mallorca, (2021). In 2020 he took part in TV2Lorry’s tv series What does it take? Titled Meet Mikkel Ørsted - an artist of the Future and his works are part of the private collection at New Carlsberg Foundation.