Niels Pugholm is part of the exhibition "anxiety", 23/5 - 23/10, 2022

How has the financial, climate, refugee, and most recently, the corona crisis spread in society - not as a state of emergency, but as a common condition? This is explored by the Art Museum in Tønder in the new exhibition Anxiety.

Recent years have been marked by several crises and great uncertainty. In various ways, this has settled in the body of the young as well as the old. The exhibition Anxiety examines the lived experience of anxiety in works by contemporary artists and historical works from the Museum Sønderjylland's collection.

"I do not want to examine the fears that crises bring. Instead, I will examine anxiety as an existential condition. Anxiety is different from fear. Fear has an object; one is afraid of something. Anxiety does not have an object.”


Rune Finseth, Museum Curator

June 28, 2022