Niels Pugholm

Niels Pugholm (b. 1983) examines  archeology and historiography through colorful vessels created with historical artistic and ceramic methodologies, as well as questions of how we create meaning and identities through objects and words. He is interested in the unwanted non-academic words, slang, and expressions. The so-called in-between words that take up space and often are pure nonsense - but which also create culture and the voice of generations.
Niels Pugholm graduated from the Funen Art Academy in 2013, and has since exhibited nationally and internationally at MSJ Tønder Kunstmuseum, GL STRAND, Viborg Kunsthal, C4 projects, and Schimmel Projects, Dresden. In 2021 he created the public art sculpture The Sky over Skærbæk for Skærbæk municipality. In 2013 he received the jury award at Extract13 at Gl. Strand, and the Danish Arts Foundation's work grant in 2017, 2020, 2021.